Free: 180-Days of TIDAL HiFi Music Subscription

Free: 180-Days of TIDAL HiFi Music Subscription

We came across this deal earlier via slickdeals.

[WhoGaveThemMoney Note] An overall review of this app is that it currently offers the only option for you to listen to your music at the highest possible compressed quality, it’s music is leaps and bounds better than both Apple Music and Spotify. Definitely worth a fair shot while it’s free for 6 months.

Tidal offers 180-Days of TIDAL HiFi Music Subscription for Free when you enter voucher code sprint. Thanks DrRad

Note, you may redeem by signing up with your email, or through Facebook or Twitter. Make sure you enter the voucher code sprint with no caps.

And remember, Tidal may be lying about their subscriber numbers and this is one gigantic ploy to appear popular again.




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