There it is – ClassPass is OVER!

There it is – ClassPass is OVER!

Class Pass

They just announced today that they are eliminating their unlimited class option, one more nail in that coffin. Sadly this startup couldn’t ever figure out a proper business plan.

Earlier today, we announced that our Unlimited plan will be discontinued.


For every class taken, we paid our studio partners. The more classes that were taken, the more we paid. As you can imagine, our business costs increased rapidly. So we raised our plan prices in an effort to compensate – but we tried not to raise them too much. After all, we wanted to remain as accessible as possible. But in some cities, we even had to raise our prices twice in one year…

An Open Letter by Payal Kadakia (ClassPass CEO)

Uh… Duh… Time will tell if now their studios will offer the full reservation menu, or if it will still be limited to those weird 5am classes.

I guess there’s always fitReserve.



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