Uh Oh, Hinge is wondering why users don’t want to pay

Uh Oh, Hinge is wondering why users don’t want to pay

We wrote about Hinge launching their new dating app, a couple weeks back, and currently  they are rocking a low 2.5 star review on iTunes.

Most of the reviews are questioning why they removed key features of the app that everyone loved, questioning why they see the same people over again, and wondering why they are suddenly charging money for less of an experience.

But the icing on the cake was watching their marketing campaign switch from “please remember you can date by not swiping” to “Why aren’t you signing up? Please sign up. Don’t forget about us, Remember we are still here? Please look at our features we created, not the ones we removed”.


This app was beyond rushed to market based on their Version Update History, having to repeatedly mention features as “Coming soon” is beyond embarrassing. And now wondering where their users all went to by asking “Where’d you go?” is just another sign how out of touch they were with their users.

Again, what it would appear happened, is they were caught surprised when the last of the dating apps, Bumble, added paid options, and they were the only remaining app without a path to profitability, now it seems in their haste, they not only won’t hit profitability, they won’t have an app for much longer.



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