Kickstarter Fail: The Wolfe Supercharge Your Laptop (Canceled)

Kickstarter Fail: The Wolfe Supercharge Your Laptop (Canceled)


At least they refunded all the donations.

We actually had some sneaky suspicions about this box when they first announced it.

The simple of the device was that it allowed for an External GPU  (Graphics Card) to power your video games or professional applications over thunderbolt.

This idea isn’t new and actually has been around as a do-it-yourself setup for quite some time now, you could buy an thunderbolt pci-express chassis, pop in an external gpu and boot into Windows and have external monitor support that ran through the device.

What made it suspicious was that they offered OSX support, which isn’t currently possible based on Apple’s OS tech. The current do-it-yourself version always required you to boot into windows.

And guess what? On Sept 22nd, they posted the following:

Hello everyone,

We want to start by saying how much we appreciate all of our backers. Your enthusiasm has proven to the world that our shared vision for the Wolfe can become a reality.

We’re writing today to share some important news: we are going to be cancelling our Kickstarter campaign, and refunding your pledges in full. Our success has attracted the attention of some big players in the industry, who recently reached out to us about the Wolfe. Through these conversations, it became clear there would be some uncertainty in attaining the product certifications essential for the Thunderbolt 2 (and thus macOS) versions of the Wolfe.

We decided it wouldn’t be right to accept pledges from you, our earliest supporters, with these new developments and changes to our timeline. However, these factors will allow us to bring you an even better product in the near future as we work with our new partners in the industry. We are incredibly excited about the next steps for the Wolfe, and the future of this Kickstarter community.

Thank you for an amazing campaign. We’ll be back.

The Wolfepack

Woops! Trust me, this is one product I would have actually been a massive fan of, but until Apple kicks their ass into gear to complete, Windows is currently the only way to do this yourself.


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