HP adds thunderbolt 3 to their entire line, Apple gives up?

Remember Thunderbolt? This was an amazing standard that Apple/Intel came up with and introduced across their mac line back in 2011.

But what you may not realize is that it’s currently on its third generation of the technology, easily named, Thunderbolt 3.

It took Apple a good few years to update all their products to Thunderbolt 2, however their recently discontinued Apple Thunderbolt Display. Was still rocking Thunderbolt 1 all the way up until its end in 2016.  The only product that Apple has shipping with Thunderbolt 3 is their low powered Macbook, which honestly is the worst product to introduce it on, as it will never be able to take full power of the spec.

But what you may not realize is that Apple is way behind on introducing Thunderbolt 3 into their products, HP introduced the standard into their professional line in 2015, that’s a full year and a half ago. Acer has it, Dell has it, and now HP has added it to their new consumer line.

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It’s a total shame that Apple hasn’t kept up with their updates, as it is a great product, time will tell if they’ve given up on yet another professional/powerful standard.

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