Radpad WARNING – Check Returned due to insufficient funds

Radpad WARNING – Check Returned due to insufficient funds


Now take this with a grain of salt, however if you’re a user of Radpad you might want to read this.  Radpad which bills it as a simple way to accept and pay with credit cards or Apple pay if you’re a landlord, had an interesting conversation with one of its users on Reddit/r/churning recently.

Radpad check returned due to insufficient funds from churning

But was interesting was the conversation that followed below it.

What is happening? What is this partner doing that would cause one of their customers rent checks to bounce?

A few days after this incident another user posted a story on Medium, titled “RadPad Rent Checks Bouncing – Beginning of the End?”.  Sadly the user shortly deleted their post.


What we can piece together from this other reddit post is the following:

His friends at Radpad got skimped on the referral bonus, getting 5k instead of the promised 10k, with the rest to be given ‘soon’.

CEO asked people to take 15% pay cuts, or they will be laid off without severance – when they said they won’t take a pay cut, 4 engineers were laid off as told.

Uh Oh.

Screenshots are below in case anyone deletes anything. You might want to think again before giving this company your rent money.




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