Hinge commits dating app suicide – Goes Paid Only

Hinge commits dating app suicide – Goes Paid Only


A New Hinge is Coming

In two weeks we will welcome you to an entirely new Hinge: a members-only community of people looking to get past the games and find something real. We weren’t happy with Hinge as you know it, and neither were you, so we have built this from the ground up.

On October 11th, your current app will automatically upgrade. As a relationship app, not a swiping game, there will be a small monthly membership fee to ensure everyone’s on the same page. However, as a thank you for being a current Hinge user, you’ll receive a free three-month trial.

This is the email that Hinge just sent out to their users.

There will be a small monthly membership fee to ensure everyone’s on the same page.

Bye Hinge, you were great, but you weren’t that great, also, did you see that logo? I think they just copied the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Hinge 2016 Logo


Hillary Clinton 2016 Logo

EDIT: The problem isn’t necessarily with the paid experience, it’s that neither their current app, nor their rumored beta app are worth payment right now.  Unless their rumored new app is completely different that what they’ve been testing over the last few months. It’s time to delete your account.



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