Surprise! The Barracuda Bag has now pushed their ship date to Aug.

barracuda bag

Surprise! Last month we wrote about them and how their ship dates kept shipping, and how their company structure was falling apart and how people were running away from the company. Well guess what, just like clockwork, even though they are posting all over social media (and their advertisement channels) how their ship date is July, just a few days ago they updated that website to reflect August 2016 instead of July 2016.

It’s the same scam every month, roughly around the 15th of the month they update their website to the next month for shipping, and then even though they continue to run ads that say the current month.

Remember it used to say July 2016, June 2016, May 2016, April 2016, see where I’m going with this?

Cancel your order, charge back from your credit card company.  It’s not shipping.

Oh and if you watch their little pretend ‘unboxing video‘ you’ll see all the design modifications that they have done since they originally talked about the product.  The bag is a VERY DIFFERENT product now.

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