Review/Warning: Panna May Lie to Freelancers for Free Work

Review/Warning: Panna May Lie to Freelancers for Free Work

It appears the website PannaCooking may be short on money, so be extremely weary before giving them any money.

There’s a report that comes in from Pierre Stefanos:

Wow, some people in this business are very, very shady! Last fall, I discovered an editor job posting on Facebook for a high-end cooking web site called Panna Cooking, based out of Brooklyn and featuring “easy-to-follow video recipes from Master Chefs.” After replying to the ad, an Asian woman replied to me and wanted applicants to make a “sample” clip, using an existing video from the site. After spending a few minutes editing, I sent off a Quicktime of my work to the woman.

Later, a man from the site, who claimed to be calling from an airport, phoned me for a follow-up interview. Though it sounded like a legit prospect, and there was full-time pay, I never heard back from the guy after we discussed job specifics.

And yet, here is my “sample” being used as a way to entice subscribers to the site. I was not paid, I signed no contract, no waiver, nothing, and this Panna Cooking site used my work as their own, with no permission granted to them to use it. As was correctly commented on the ad, this was just a scam to get free work done.

So beware of them, and beware of ads or replies asking you to provide free work to prove your abilities!

So they spoke with someone from Panna Cooking, they asked them for a sample video, the editor Pierre provided the sample video and then they disappeared off the face of the earth.  And then that video is now currently being used on their website.

We’re guessing the CEO David Ellner would love to reach out to Pierre and make this right for his company and we’d be more than happy to update this post with his side of the story or with a happy resolution.


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