NYPOST: Everything we love to eat is a scam

NYPOST: Everything we love to eat is a scam


Fantastic article that covers the state of food in NYC and elsewhere today, it def pays to be a smart consumer when eating out.

Think you’re getting Kobe steak when you order the $350 “Kobe steak” off the menu at Old Homestead? Nope — Japan sells its rare Kobe beef to just three restaurants in the United States, and 212 Steakhouse is the only one in New York.

That extra-virgin olive oil you use on salads has probably been cut with soybean or sunflower oil, plus a bunch of chemicals. The 100 percent grass-fed beef you just bought is no such thing — it’s very possible that cow was still pumped full of drugs and raised in a cramped feedlot.

Give the article a read if you have a moment.

[Source: NYPOST]




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