Theranos and Thriva? Or Thriva and Theranos.

Theranos and Thriva? Or Thriva and Theranos.


Well this is funny, almost a week after Theranos’s Valuation dropped down to 0, another startup that does the exact same thing jumps onto the market.  Also with a T name… Enter Thriva.

Same thing? Same type of startup? Will they have the same failures? Only time will tell…

Remember what these startups tend to have in common is that they actually aren’t testing it, they haven’t invented any sort of powerful revolutionairy machine, they just built a website to order and interprete the data in a very pretty way from “our partner lab” – “They’ll handle the analysis before sending the results to us for review by a qualified GP.”.

So is this ‘partner lab’ using the same techniques that Theranos is/was using?

Proceed with caution. But remember this is a UK company, so if you want a free test, just go through the NHS. “The NHS is an incredible institution and is ‘free’”, says Thriva co-founder and CEO Hamish Grierson tells me.


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