Remember Homejoy? They have been reborn as Homeaglow…

Remember Homejoy? They have been reborn as Homeaglow…

And it actually seems like it could have potential.  The new strategy is to let cleaners set their own rates, this more or less means that they have taken all the staffing, 1099, are they freelance or independent operators questions away from the business, and made everyone their own companies that you’re hiring.  Think more Seemless and

homeaglowMy name is Aaron and I was one Homejoy’s co-founders.  As you may know, Homejoy shut down 6 months ago.  I’ve since partnered with Homejoy’s COO to start a new home cleaning service called Homeaglow, and after spending many months working on improvements, we’re now launching the service in beta.

As a past Homejoy customer, we were hoping you’d be interested in booking a house cleaning and giving us feedback on our new site.

Here’s what’s new with Homeaglow:

1/ Only the best cleaners – We’ve only invited the very best of Homejoy’s cleaners back (4.5 stars and above).  You’re now able to choose your cleaner and read their past reviews BEFORE booking to increase the likelihood you’ll find a cleaner you love.

2/ Super convenient – Booking online takes 60 seconds.  And, after booking, we give you a direct phone line with your cleaner.  Once you’ve completed your first cleaning, we make sure you ALWAYS get the same cleaner back upon request.

3/ Affordable as ever – Homeaglow cleaners set their own hourly rates. We only work with independent cleaners which translates into low rates and cost savings.

I’d love to invite you to check out our site, book a cleaning, and most importantly, I’d love to get your feedback on how we can make the service better.




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