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Apple’s Mistakes Continue – They Might Buy Tidal

The app, that has JayZ preparing to sue the previous founders for misrepresenting how many paid users the app had, might be bought by Apple? Say what? Apple is in


Google Chrome – Recover Malware?

Funny warning message that comes up when you visit a website that may or may not contain malware. Hurt Me Plenty.


How to Burn Your Startup in 15 Easy Steps

From user /u/rinyfo4. I raised $500,000 at 19. We were on our way to change the world. Three years later everything burned down. This post is not about how to


What free things online should everyone take advantage of?

There’s an amazon thread happening on reddit right now called, What free things online should everyone take advantage of?  And the user /u/njdeatheater put together this awesome list below. 3D modeling


Is this the beginning of the end for Evernote?

It hasn’t been an easy few months for Evernote, The inside story of how $1 billion Evernote went from Silicon Valley darling to deep trouble, Evernote has struggled to maintain


Have Amazon Prime? Get 6 months of the Washington Post for Free.

This is somewhat old news, but if you haven’t taken advantage of it yet you should! When Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post, he created a deal for Amazon subscribers.


“Swiped” – Is Snapchat stealing filters from makeup artists?

Similar? How about this one? Take a quick read at the article over at The Ringer, Is Snapchat stealing filters from makeup artists?, Since discovering the Snapchat filter that resembled her


Theranos and Thriva? Or Thriva and Theranos.

Well this is funny, almost a week after Theranos’s Valuation dropped down to 0, another startup that does the exact same thing jumps onto the market.  Also with a T name…

Website Reviews


In a published blog post on their website, the Shaken Team writes: Last week we shipped the final Shaken box: this is the end of our startup. That’s the hardest


No one wants to work at Yahoo

Were all 53 Yahoo Acquisitions purely for talent hires? It’s a very common trend in the tech world to buy companies not for the actual company, but for the talented


Gawker files for bankruptcy

Well everyone had an idea that this was coming… Gawker and Nick Denton say they won’t pay Hulk Hogan and Peter Thiel $140 million. Gawker has told it employees it


The Patent Scam

A great post coming from reddit today, thanks /u/MrOmnos. There’s not a whole lot new with this video if you’ve been following Patent Trolls for a while, but basically people

Real Life

Verizon Guy – This is gonna be one hell of a lawsuit, Sprint vs. Verizon

The “Can you hear me now?” Verizon guy has switched sides! [Source: The Verge] If this reminds anyone of another recent battle it was with Sony suing Kevin Butler (Jerry


The Website John Oliver used to buy dept

Well after a bit of research, we found the link so you too can register a business in the state of Mississippi here’s the link to the Business Services page..

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