Jail sentence for YouTube Pranksters/Social Experiment = YAY

Jail sentence for YouTube Pranksters/Social Experiment = YAY


Are you a YouTuber? Do you love filming prank videos? I mean, do you love filming social experiments? Well your time may slowly be coming to an end. Hey, finally some awesome justice!

Four members of the controversial Trollstation YouTube channel have been jailed in connection with fake robberies and kidnappings.

The group were involved in a fake robbery at London’s National Portrait Gallery and a fake kidnapping at Tate Britain in July 2015.

The channel, with 718,000 subscribers, has built a reputation for filming staged pranks around the city.

A fifth member was imprisoned in March following a bomb hoax.

“The hoaxes may have seemed harmless to them, but they caused genuine distress to a number of members of the public, who should be able to go about their daily business without being put in fear in this way.

“We hope these convictions send a strong message that unlawful activities such as these will not be tolerated in London,” said Robert Short, of the Crown Prosecution Service.

Source: BBC

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