TechCrunch Validates Our Existence by hiring a Tech Advertiser as a Writer

TechCrunch Validates Our Existence by hiring a Tech Advertiser as a Writer


Our blog was founded after we started noticing that TechCrunch articles stopped being about writing about the tech industry and more about advertising for the tech industry. Well they just hired a new writer, mentioned how he’s been writing since 2009, “Jay Donovan covers emerging technologies and startups for TechCrunch. He’s been part of the TechCrunch family since way back in 2009 when he became a part-time writer for CrunchGear (the former gadget blog of TechCrunch).”

And then mentioned how he has no plans on leaving his current job for IBM. “Jay is also Associate Director of Strategy at creative agency Resource/Ammirati, An IBM Company, where he leads Innovation and Strategy projects for the company’s large list of clients. You can find him on Instagram and Twitter @getdonovan.”

Isn’t the tech industry great? Now you can still wonder if every article on TechCrunch is just one big paid-for ad.

Source: [Gawker]



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