Beware of Uscreen Reviews, They offer $$$ for Reviews.

Beware of Uscreen Reviews, They offer $$$ for Reviews.


An interesting email has been appearing in our inbox over and over again, and that’s by PJ Taei trying to pay us to write a review for his company,

We weren’t written to directly, however we were just one of many added to his long list of BCC’s.

 Are you interested in writing about Uscreen or doing a review of our app?  I understand if there is a fee involved and I can provide you with an outline or bullet points about the platform to make the writing easier, as well as a demo account if you need it.


For a person that just BCC’ed everyone, not sure why he would just assume there was a fee for every writer that was in his chain.

But I wonder how many of his recent reviews included payment.  Of course I’m not possibly saying that paying people to review their service would ‘guarantee’ a positive review…  Ha

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