Rebtel does a PR push after Bait & Switch

Rebtel does a PR push after Bait & Switch


This seems to be straight out of the startup playbook, give users everything they could want in order to earn yourselves the most amount of users.  And once you realize how much more things actually cost and that you can’t actually achieve profitability by giving away the farm you start chipping at those features.

In the meantime however, you have to spin that negative press, Rebtel just got a fantastic writeup on TechCrunch, Rebtel Introduces Unlimited International Calling.  What this article fails to mention is that, their current rating is 1.5 stars out of 5 on the app store.

Sad day..
by Hrz4599
Removal of international sms – check
Rebranding of a useless feature that was already there – check
Making an already good app less user friendly -check

Why remove the SMS feature???
by YvNj
I have used this app for years primarily to send sms to family overseas. Why remove this vital feature?

App crashes after 4.0 update
by Sai Borusu
I am not able to make any calls thanks to crashing app after 4.0 update.  I wonder if they ever tested the app after development.

It’s crap application launched now
by Jayakesavan
I had my login with Rebtel for 1 year and after recent update my login is not working. I had paid $10 in my account. Now everything is gone. I feel like they are cheating customers and not responding for any support questions or when it will get resolved. Please don’t install and get cheated.

What fantastic reviews, and what a fantastic writeup fron TechCrunch with 0 negative PR.



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