Another Ride Sharing Startup Bites the Dust, SideCar

Another Ride Sharing Startup Bites the Dust, SideCar


Just another example at how consumers are winning in the startup competition world.  Uber/Lyft/Gett clone SideCar shutdown at 2 p.m. PST on December 31st.

Just like all the others SideCar also provided $15/$20/$30 coupons for first time users and provided coupons for returning users as well.

Which company will be next to fail? Only time will tell however, if you like these ridesharing apps, sign up for all them and just use the ones that give you the coupon codes.  Lyft gives plenty of free ride codes fairly frequently, and they are the first ridesharing app that now is able to pick you up at LAX.



Previous Subway is hilariously promising something for 2025
Next $300 Standing Desks? How about one for $25

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