Even Apple doesn’t want to use Final Cut Pro X or Logic Pro X, Digs their Professional Grave Deeper

Even Apple doesn’t want to use Final Cut Pro X or Logic Pro X, Digs their Professional Grave Deeper

Usually when a company introduces ‘groundbreaking’ new software they want to show it off to the world. Not Apple, over the weekend Apple was busy pushing new job posts to their job board when they posted one looking for an Assistant Editor.

Moments later the internet went crazy.


There are three, very important lines here:

  1. “Adobe Premiere and Avid Media Composer experience required.”
    Apple isn’t encouraging users to use Final Cut Pro X.
  2. “Experience with Adobe After Effects.”
    What happened to Motion? Is that no longer desired either?
  3. “Experience editing audio using Adobe Audition or ProTools.”
    Really?! You didn’t forget about  Logic Pro X, did you?

Over at TheVerge, this was said:

Do you see Final Cut anywhere here? Neither do I.

Apple did a lot in the months after FCP X’s initial release to address some of its most glaring problems, but that didn’t stop editors from abandoning it. Judging from this listing, it looks like FCP X is collecting dust even in Cupertino. Now, Adobe Premiere and Avid are great software, but at some point Apple is just going to have to do something about Final Cut. This whole situation is not a good look.

And it’s true, for many years now Apple has been trying to re-add features that they removed when they went to version X.  And in those same years, the competing applications have gotten better and better. Final Cut Pro 7 is still used within the Film and Television industry, people would rather stay with a 32 bit app, that hasn’t been updated since 2010.

It’s hard to believe that Apple, once a company that was the very dug into the professional world has completely abandoned it.   I find it amazing that a company that needs professional users to make content for its devices is leaving its users behind.

Ways Apple has abandoned it’s Professional Users.

Apple used to make an amazing compositing software application called Shake. It was discontinued in 2009, however the last update was in 2006.

Apple discontinued their Xserve in 2004. Why? It’s not like professionals need a server solution.

OS X Server is their companion application for OS X, it used to be a second version of their OS till they integrated it a couple years ago.  It’s currently rocking a 2.5 star rating in iTunes.

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 11.24.23 PM

It’s been 726 days since the last Mac Pro update, and that was when they introduced the Nano Mac Pro, it was introduced in Dec of 2013.  There hasn’t been a price cut, or any upgrades, currently Dell and HP are shipping units that have Thunderbolt 3, Apple is currently still using Thunderbolt 2. Other professional workstations are all using DDR4 memory, Apple is still using DDR3. Other workstations have had numerous video card upgrades, not apple, they are still rocking tech from 2012/2013 which is a massive disadvantage.  And let’s also bring up read and write speeds for hard drives, currently the Macbook Air has a faster hard drive than the Nano Mac Pro, The Macbook Air can Read and Write in the 2/gbps range, vs the $3999 Mac Pro which tops out at 1.2/gbps range.

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 11.13.52 PM

Before they shift their ways, their technology sales will need to start to sink for a few quarters before they will even think about upgrading anything.

When will Apple realize the professionals need professional software and computers to actually make the content for their own devices.  And I imagine that their reasoning is “No one is buying our professional gear so that must mean they don’t want it.” No Apple, No one is buying your professional gear because it’s not professional gear.



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