We were right about The League

We were right about The League

It’s all just marketing to try and get people signed up, we’ve been watching the waitlist for just around a year now, It’s currently around 154,994 people, up from 100,000 a few months ago. We’ve been at spot 60 for the last 8 months. Every few months they try and do a marketing push but each PR stunt only seems to get them 10k-20k signups1484274543411973191.

Supposedly they actually launched in SF or did a test run out there, and supposedly they did a test run here but no proof of that.

We suspect that they are having a lot of programing issues, the app is really buggy even just loading menus for the waitlist, slow response times, it still holding onto weird scaling issues from when iPhone 5 was out. Screens flash on and off. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was built offshore just by looking at some of the “Saving…” “Loading…” screens.

And on 10/22/15 they confirmed this by sending out this email to their waitlist.

Though we’ve always planned to keep the community at a fixed number of members in each city, our early technology infrastructure has not scaled as we expected and has forced our total community size to be much smaller than we’d like.





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