CloudMine “Restructures” Cancels All Existing Free Accounts

CloudMine “Restructures” Cancels All Existing Free Accounts

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CloudMine sent this email out to their users today:

Dear CloudMine Account Holder,

Thank you for supporting our product and using CloudMine as the foundation of your mobile initiatives. We truly appreciate your interest and use of our product as you drive forward your business goals and personal projects.

As part of our recent growth we have had to restructure our account access model. As of November 1st we will no longer be offering a free tier of the CloudMine platform.

Any accounts that have not purchased a CloudMine license will be discontinued and have platform access revoked. We hope to continue serving your mobile development needs, so if you’d like to continue using CloudMine, please reach out to our Client Success team at We’re happy to offer a special pricing plan that meets your needs.

Best wishes in your endeavors! We hope to hear from you soon.

The CloudMine Client Success Team

This is a start of a very annoying trend within the startup community, they offer users free tiers of service, but when they can’t make their customers profitable they cancel it as a last ditch effort to convert enough of their free customers to bring their company to profitability.

This might be a red flag for CloudMine, they may be close to shutting their doors if this is the case.


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