TAKEAWAYS: My Nine Months as an Uber Customer Service Rep

TAKEAWAYS: My Nine Months as an Uber Customer Service Rep


TheBillFold has an Anonymous article about ‘someones’ life as an Uber customer service rep.

Of course we had other questions for Hector. Vacation time? No. Work holidays? Mandatory. Performance incentives? We’ll mail you an Uber T-shirt.

Our shift preferences were largely ignored, and we never got those T-shirts they promised.

Walking us through a PowerPoint deck from Legal, Hector made sure we understood to never refer to Uber drivers as “employees,” which wasn’t hard, since we weren’t technically Uber employees either. Nor were we ever to refer to Uber as a transportation company; it is an app instead, and the app is never to be referred to as a “taxi meter.”

One thing about the job I liked: It gave me an opportunity to feel like I was Robin Hood, giving away Uber’s money. We weren’t allowed to refund anything over $35, but anything under that number was fair game, and our managers were so overwhelmed with disrupting transportation—Uber Helicopter! Uber Zeppelin Rides!—that they rarely audited our tickets.

Give it a read here.

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