VIDEO: Ottawa taxi driver harasses alleged Uber Customers

In the ongoing struggle with Uber’s “It’s easier to say I’m sorry than ask for permission before breaking laws” & “We’re not a car service company we’re a technology company so the rules don’t apply to us” battle. A new video has emerged in which an Ottawa taxi driver harasses alleged Uber Customers.

Uber is currently fighting legality in Ottawa and the city is currently arresting drivers, citing, “On Monday, the city asked the Ottawa Police Service to increase its enforcement of a section of the Highway Traffic Act that allows police to charge motorists driving passengers for money without the necessary permits.”.

This is just another in Uber’s long battle with local cities as they try to battle for turf.

But if you try and hail an Uber like we just did, the car service is readily available.

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It seems though that Ottawa residents are in favor of Uber, citing a new poll released last month.

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