AMV BBDO Insults BT to Advertise Pepsi Max

AMV BBDO Insults BT to Advertise Pepsi Max

The UK ad agency AMV BBDO, made a blimp-drone mashup that was first deployed at London’s New Look Wireless Festival where attendees could download a free smartphone app and use it to request a little help in tracking down their friends amongst the giant mob of people.

What’s funny about this is that they are basically bringing up a major issue that happens at music festivals, and that’s that the network becomes overloaded with users which makes it really difficult to find friends.

But what’s even more ridiculous about this AD is that AMV BBDO actually represents those companies. British Telecom being one of them.

I know it wasn’t AMV BBDO’s intention, but it just goes to show you how advertisers think you’re going to look the other way with their ‘real’ campaigns and don’t look at the entire issue.

So perhaps in spending the money to create inflatables, they could have used that money to push BT to improve their network so it’s not needed.



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