Cerberus changes their mind about lifetime memberships

Cerberus changes their mind about lifetime memberships

Cerberus is a security package application for Android phones, the developer occasionally has been known to sell lifetime memberships for the app.  However when people were checking their account recently users are seeing their “lifetime” licenses are set to expire in a few days. Hmm, interesting…

Here’s what our AndroidPolice’s tipster was told when he contacted the developer.

We are sorry but we could not make those licenses last for a lifetime. We hope Cerberus helped you recover a lost or stolen device during these years, and that you will consider buying a license.

Official Statement from developer

Here’s a full statement released by the Cerberus developer.

We had to revoke free lifetime licenses that were given away during a few promotions we made years ago. We apologize for this and know it is a bad PR move, unfortunately it was not feasible anymore for us to provide a free service for life.

Free licenses will expire about 3 years after their beginning, and affected users will be notified via email before the license expires. We hope Cerberus helped those users recover a lost or stolen device, and that they will consider buying a license to continue to use our service. Paid licenses are not affected.

That’s cute, hopefully they have a big enough user base that someone will bring a lawsuit for false advertising. Or at the very least, they offer refunds to everyone that was mislead.


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