Will all future websites beg for money?

Will all future websites beg for money?

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Is this our future?  Companies get acquired, go through change, the company that acquired them probably should have jumped into press in the first place, and now they can’t survive without our monetary donations?


ReadWrite.com isn’t the blog you used to know. Over the past few years, we’ve done our best to simply survive through two acquisitions and a complete staff turnover. In the process, we lost our momentum, and we need your help to get it back.

Right now, we’re down to the most bare-bones staff imaginable. To be completely frank, we’re struggling — and not just financially. We miss you, our community. We know we’ve come close to losing you lately. But we refuse to give up.

Now more than ever, the tech world needs strong, objective analysis free from corporate oversight and interference. We used to be that voice, and we know we can do it again with your support. As the tech world changes, we want to change with it. We want to be a place where you can learn how to build new products with even the newest technologies, a place where deep insight and analysis live on.

Please sign up for email updates as we get ready to unveil our Indiegogo page (you have our no-spam guarantee), buy your tickets now for our relaunch events (see below), and share, share, share this page with all your social networks. Let’s unite behind one of the greatest brands in tech blogging. Let’s change the way online media does business. But first, let’s bring ReadWrite back.

Look, if your business isn’t making money, then there’s something wrong with your overall business plan.  This is starting to get ridiculous, if you were a non-profit organization then sure, great, but you’re a for profit company.   This is the same as the local pizza place that makes horrible pizza toss up a save us plan because everyone realized that they shouldn’t shop there any more.

Don’t support this plan! Let them re-work their business model. And if you’re asking, “Are you ok for a pay-to-read business model? I am.”

Bring ReadWrite Back

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