Why is Bankrupt Aereo Trying to get me to buy a TiVo Roamio?

Why is Bankrupt Aereo Trying to get me to buy a TiVo Roamio?

Last year Aereo sold their assets to random companies, it would appear that TiVo bought the mailing list.  I’ve been getting a few promos from “Aereo Transition Officer” trying to thank me for “And thank you for helping us keep the Aereo dream alive.”. What a joke, and not only that they are still trying A/B promo testing to try and take advantage of the most people.

Today’s Promo

TiVo fought for the right to keep you informed on our progress, and we’re happy to inform you that our new TiVo Roamio OTA was conceived, developed and introduced for people just like you. This HD antenna DVR and streaming player in one brings two exciting worlds of content together in a single experience1. You can also watch local TV wherever you are. We’ve set aside a small cache of these DVRs for former Aereo fans and want to offer it to you at an exclusive price, $19.99/mo. with a 2-year commitment2. I encourage you to visit tivo.com/aereo_ota_offer to learn more while supplies last.

Another Promo on another email address

Now, for a limited time we are offering former Aereo customers an incredible deal. Get TiVo Roamio OTA and TiVo Stream for just $49.99 and $14.99/mo. with a 1-year commitment. Learn more at tivo.com/aereo_ota_deal and use the promo code xxx to get these exclusive savings.

They really shouldn’t sell our email address when companies go bankrupt.


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