FlatIron: When you name your company something ungooglable #NYTD

FlatIron: When you name your company something ungooglable #NYTD

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Recently at NYtechday (#NYTD) I came across a company called FLATIRON, which after some serious googling, can be found here.

It looks like they are a health/life sciences company which is great, however their name is an exact copy off of a very popular NYC sub borough. If you ever google flatiron, you won’t see this company for numerous pages, and even after adding words such as ‘company’ &  ‘startup’, it’s still a few pages back. Why? Well the flatiron district is very popular for a lot of companies, and a very large quantity of startups.

It’s a shame that the company shares the name as this famous NYC area, they might want to research a name change.



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