REVIEW: @HomeJoy, a cleaning agency like your EX

REVIEW: @HomeJoy, a cleaning agency like your EX

There are so many startups that have appeared recently that are simply cleaning services with a reservation app. There is NOTHING special or unique about each service that actually makes them a startup.

My Apartment is a 500sq ft studio apartment in Manhattan, basically 1 large room, with a bathroom and kitchen attached.

First up on my test was HomeJoy, they did a great job cleaning, I had paid $10 for 2.5 hours of cleaning through facebook promotion. The cleaning woman stayed for close to 4 hours without charging me any additional fees.

However, the fun comes when you don’t re-book right away or not at all.

First the text messages, each time they text you from a different number so you can’t block them.


Then the emails…


Then the handwritten card?


This surprised me the most, after two months of not using them for cleaning, someone hand wrote a card and mailed it to me.



This is absolutely crazy how much contacting they keep reaching out, emails fine, but changing their phone number to reach out, and then a handwritten letter? Sorry HomeJoy, I think we should see other people.



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