Sharing Your Purchases Is Probably Not The Best Way To Make Friends

Sharing Your Purchases Is Probably Not The Best Way To Make Friends


————— Forwarded message —————

From: Michael Shane FREIDE+CO <>
Date: Wed, Jul [redacted]
Subject: NEW APP ALERT: PeepMe
To: [redacted]
Hello [redacted]

PeepMe is a new Social Network, which harnesses the power of peer purchasing influence, creating an outlet to share new purchases with a community of like minded followers. Users share their spending, buying, and selling lifestyle with each other by posting images of items they’ve purchased along with the price.

The app aggregates a total amount spent on the user’s profile thus creating a digital competition of sorts.

Since celebrities hold some of the strongest positions of influence, its only natural for them to jump onto this new form of swagger. Some opt for posting about their Lamborghini or Gucci loafers, however, many users opt to just document their spending adding their drinks, shoes, clothing, food etc.

I would love to chat with you more about the features of the app or if you’re interested in chinterviewing the founder and I will be happy to set somehting up.

Thank you,

Michael Shane

Really hope no one actually invested in this junk.



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