FLOR.com Ignores Customers. Over a month, no reply from customer service.


What is Flor?

Flor is a company that makes floor tiles that are roughly 18×18  that are connected by little circular stickers.  On their website they offer Free Design Services, for those of us that may be graphically challenged and want a cool unique pattern.


But the interesting thing is that even though they offer this service, they seem to never actually reach out to their customers that spend the time filling out the form, filling in all the details, answering the questions, uploading images, etc..

I submitted a design request on May 29th, 2014, it’s currently July 1st, that’s a full month of no replies, no reach outs, and not wanting my money.

Perhaps my request just slipped through the cracks?   But the question is, how many others have also slipped through the cracks, how much money are they throwing away by not contacting their customers that want help.

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