When AD’s Attack: TrunkClub.com

When AD’s Attack: TrunkClub.com

If you were the Advertising Planner for TrunkClub.com you might be excited by all the shares, and likes on your sponsored post.  But if you scroll through the couple hundred comments, this advertisement tells quite the different story.  It also makes you wonder how viable and longer term their business model is, especially if their ‘targeted users’ don’t want to spend any less than $45 per clothing item. 

Here’s some of my favorites!

Richard Flack Seriously? Trunk Club is a premium-clothing service with prices similar to top-tier shops. For example, denim prices are $170–$250, casual shirts $100–$200, and sweaters $100–$300. There is no pair of pants or shirt in the world worth that money, and certainly not something that looks just as generic as Target’s racks. 

Brett Stewart IF you are rich, this is great…if not, it’s not. $2,000 was the total on the trunk I recieved. Can’t spend $150 on a shirt and $275 on jeans.

Chad Hutson What about your demographic research told you men want to spend $170 for a button up shirt of $45 for socks? I’m willing to spend some money on clothes, but these trunks are ridiculous!


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