UPDATE: AirBNB has a sex problem

And now AirBNB has hosted it’s first sex party!

Dear AirBNB, no thank you for the “XXX Freak Fest” you brought to my apartment

Dear Brian and the AirBNB team,

Usually I am a fan of your service. However, I have a minor bone to pick with you, in that it appears my apartment was reserved for some major boning. Also, it appears some stuffed animals were abused. We’ll get to the damage to my furniture and belongings – but first you’re gonna love this:

You just sent a porn sex fest into my apartment, and now I’ve got over $87,076 in losses. I had to call 911 and have these “XXX Freak Fest” people removed from my apartment, my super is having me evicted by my landlord, and I do not feel safe here anymore since hundreds of people got a text saying there’s an XXX sex fest in my apartment and continue showing up, according to the doormen who I’ll  never be able to look in the face again.

This individual, “David”, said he was hosting his “brother and sister in law” for a “wedding” when in fact he was hosting a “XXX Freak Fest” as shown here in this twitter “tweet”: https://twitter.com/TWINN_GREEN/status/444588658742796289

AirBNB has resonded:

Over 11 million guests have had a safe and positive experience on Airbnb and problems for hosts and guests are incredibly rare, but when they happen, we try to help make things right. We were appalled when we learned about this incident and we took immediate action to help this host. The individual who rented this space has been permanently removed from our site. We’ve reimbursed the host for damages to his apartment and ensured he has a new place to stay. In the days ahead, we’ll continue to work with the host to assist him with his additional needs and we will work cooperatively with any law enforcement agencies that investigate this matter.

Source: Dear AirBNB


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