Let’s Date is now Sway? And they never delete your account?

So there was an ‘interesting in a bad way’ app that came out last year called Let’s Date, it suffered from problems such as message’s not appearing, having an annoying swipe in a certain direction to like or not like users, and displaying users that weren’t anywhere near you.  But they may have stopped updating the app and launched a new app called Sway.

The reason for this writeup is to illustrate a new marketing technique that I’ve noticed occurring, see I deleted my Let’s Date account a month or so into the app existing.  After the problems started getting worse and worse and it was obviously not being fixed I used the in app deletion feature.

So to announce the new app they’ve decided a new marketing technique which involves reactivating all users old accounts in a hope that they will try their app again.


Looks like we’re not the only one…

Spams your friends!

There is a really annoying modal screen that continually pops up and is defaulted to spamming all of your contacts. What seemed like a promising take on combining a lot of features and UX from the most popular dating apps turned very sour. Do not sign up for this!!!! They don’t care about their users. It’s clear they only want to grow their reach at any cost.
Spammed all my Contacts!!!

Don’t download this app! Don’t download this app! Don’t download this app! Don’t download this app! Don’t download this app! Don’t download this app! Unless of course you want your managers, friends, family, coworkers, doctors, etc. to know you need a “wingman”. Hope this app commits suicide. Peace.
Deleted After 20hrs

I received an email from an old app I used that I had likes on this new app Sway. My deactivated profile was moved over!


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Source: Me.