UPDATED: SendGrid has Zero Support and Doesn’t Want Your Money

UPDATED: SendGrid has Zero Support and Doesn’t Want Your Money


I’ve been investigating switching the WGTM mail servers to SendGrid.com last week, and naturally when you sign up you receive an email fairly quickly welcoming you to the service.  I saw someone from the service speak last week, so I knew the service was active, but didn’t expect to get so shafted when trying to actually use and/or pay for the service.

Jan 24th, 2014

My name is Brady and I just wanted to reach out and introduce myself as a contact for you here at SendGrid.
I noticed you’re currently sending on a free account, so I wanted to gain some insight into your current email use and how we can better serve and grow with you. If you would like to learn about the functionalities associated with our different email plans I’d be happy to share those details with you.
Feel free to email me back at your earliest convenience so we can discuss which options might best suit your sending.

I reply later that night with a few questions about the service, looking for guides and some questions about the service.

And no reply, still no reply 5 business days later.

My Reply on Friday,
How long does it usually take for replies for support requests?  I tried to upgrade my account 3 days ago and had issues, still haven’t heard anything…

I then attempted to actually upgrade my account from a Free plan to a Bronze plan, the upgrade process was filled with errors and suffice to say my account is still limited to a free plan. I emailed their support contact and haven’t heard anything from them either.

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 10.08.03 PM

So no money for SendGrid, and no one there to actually reply to any emails.

I tried again to email “Brandy” on Friday 01/28/2014 and still no reply yet.

So when comparing email SMTP services for your company, you might want to give a second thought to SendGrid as no one seems to actually work at the company.

So this is my last chance to actually get some help from them, bad press! Yay.

Source: http://sendgrid.com

UPDATED: Sure enough, just like I assumed would happen, less than 10 minutes after I posted, I get a tweet and all my questions answered. So moral of the story is, tweet for support and sales questions, don’t email.




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  1. LLP2112
    March 03, 12:53

    Use Mandrill, it’s MUCH cheaper and the deliverability is MUCH better, Sendgrid is good for an ESP but they are grossly overpriced in my opinion. Their other issue is they’re going the way of Google AdWords – they have enough big Fortune 500 customers now that they don’t take care of the little guys anymore and have been known to suspend accounts for having totally unrealistic spam complaint levels.

    • Daniel Puglisi
      December 09, 05:22

      Thanks for recommending Mandrill. Will check it out right now. Was just setting up Sendgrid with Heroku and my account got immediately suspended. No idea why.

  2. The Sendgrid employees are extremely arrogant and stupid in their answers. I had a bad experience with them. I will try Mandrill or Mailshot.

  3. andrewbrown
    April 17, 12:06

    2017 and still problems with SendGrid. I HAD most of my clients apps on Mandrill, but they shutdown so I went back to SendGrid. SendGrid funnel their support to one page, but if that page is broken (in my case the grey button is disabled) there is no way to contact support.

    I want to upgrade but I can’t. I guess maybe I should just pay or MailChimp, but I just wanted transactional emails. RIP Mandrill. You are missed.

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