“So the Time Warner technician just fell asleep on my couch”

“So the Time Warner technician just fell asleep on my couch”


So I just went through the Time Warner circles of hell, but finally got my internet up and running.

The technician arrived around 12:30pm to replace our modem. I showed him where the existing one was and he got to work. I went back to my office to continue working, he replaced the modem and made a call to activate/register the modem. (All the while, my internet is out because no modem) I could hear the hold music from his call because he had it on speaker and eventually after about 15 minutes of listening to it from the other room, I walked out to find him like that.

Before doing anything, I grabbed my phone and snapped the pic, and then said “Excuse me?”. He startled a little bit, pointed to his phone and said “Sorry man, still on hold.” So I went back and kept working, and 5-10 minutes later someone picked up and he registered the modem. My internet was working and he went on his way.

Uh oh!!

My favorite comment is from 0110011101110100,

“Just testing the sleep timer on your TV. You never can be too careful about these things. Looks like it’s working fine now. No charge.”

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