Why I’m on DIRECTV’s Side with The Weather Channel

Why I’m on DIRECTV’s Side with The Weather Channel

wgtm Had enough of the weather channel? So have I. Here’s reasons why I’m on DirecTV’s side. The Weather Channel no longer is JUST weather, if they only showcased weather then they would be on their side for keeping us informed.  Here’s an idea, get rid of the horribly made reality shows, and then you won’t need the extra money. How many times have you turned to the Weather Channel, only to be greeted by the complete opposite of weather.  You’re there for weather, weather only, stop trying to be something different.

Breaking Ice?


Highway Thru Hell?

What do those shows have to do with weather?! Nothing!

The Weather Channel is attempting to monopolize weather, they recently are attempting a little scheme in which they name winter storms. And then they can sell little t-shirts and coffee mugs with “I survived X storm”.  Thankfully they are alone in talking about the storms name and other news and weather outless aren’t playing into their nonsense. So stand up and support DirecTV and let them get rid of the channel and give you a weather station that is only weather.


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