Is yet another scam/Pay-4-Play job board?

Is yet another scam/Pay-4-Play job board?

I’ve started to notice quite the trend happening where job boards start to become pay to view any listings. We covered this before with Media-Match, but now another website has switched to the pay to play model.

Again, the job seeker, the unemployed, shouldn’t have to pay for access to jobs, the money should come from the job poster. Do not patronize these sites with your business when companies that post jobs on these sites tend to post jobs on all the other free websites that are available.

It’s a very shady business practice, especially when this site was 100% free only until they reached enough users to start charging.


Source:  “Jeanie Cha, Rebecca Bregman and Sarah Cattano, all in Production Management, constantly shared information, great crews and passed along resumes amongst each other. In 2009 they decided there needed to be a forum to exchange this information with more people in the business.”



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