Under30Experiences Marketing Matt Needs a Friend Not a Company

Under30Experiences Marketing Matt Needs a Friend Not a Company

So those of you that know me know that I’ve started to love watching emailing marketing trends. How often companies send out emails, polling populations to find out how many emails it takes before people start unsubscribing.

And one of the biggest bad email senders is Matt Wilson @ Under30Experiences, how many emails can you send.  I was fine with once a week, but now everyday…You’re killing my inbox with your horribly hard sell emails..

Here’s some of my favorite quotes from his emails:

1. I want to hang out with you, and tell you about the trip that changed my life.

2. Smuggling drugs and taking hostages (for fun and profit)

3. But I had a pretty ignorant conversation with this girl at the office tonight.

I was talking about how I’m leaving for Central America in 12 days and out of nowhere, she says to me, “You know, you don’t NEED to see the world to have a complete life. America has everything.”

I have to be honest… I was pissed.

4. How My Friend Britt Almost F’d Her Entire Vacation to Costa Rica

Matt I don’t think you need to be running a travel company, I think you just need friends to complain to.



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