Soul Cycle 19th St, 2nd Union Square Location

Soul Cycle 19th St, 2nd Union Square Location

Everyone’s favorite sweaty bowling shoes exercise place, Soul Cycle, are finally going to start dealing with the chaos and open a 2nd union square location.  We featured SoulCycle in  in a review earlier this summer.

Their mobile website gave away the announcement this morning with the appearance of “SOUL 19th ST”.

The future address will be:

SoulCycle – Union Square 2
8 W 19th St
New York, NY 10011
Soul Cycle 19th St - Union Square 2

Soul Cycle 19th St – Union Square 2

Side note: I went this weekend and received my bowling shoes from the attendant, and as soon as I stuck my feet it I felt the disgusting sloppy wet feeling of my shoe soaked in someone else’s sweat.  Yeah This place is really going downhill fast.

Someone should mention to SoulCycle that there are two new spinning companies opening up on the same 5th – 6th ave block on 18th St.   We will now have 6 Union Square spinning companies competing for our business, finally some competition!



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