Oh How I Hate Misleading Blog Titles

Oh How I Hate Misleading Blog Titles


Nothing makes me more angry and frustrated when you read a blog that is attracting users based on one headline but the content truly contains another.

Recently the website WND posted an article by Bob Unruh, titled “OBAMACARE HAS DOCTORS PLANNING EXIT”. Seen here.

But the very first sentence gives away that that the article is just a fluff piece , “In a survey by a top research firm, six in 10 physicians said it is likely many doctors will retire earlier than planned in the next one to three years.”.

Re-Read that sentence.  In a survey by a top research firm, 6 out of 10 physicians said it’s likely that many doctors will retire in the next one to three years.

All this article is saying is that they asked 10 doctors, 6 of which said that doctors will probably retire in the next 1-3 years. Nothing in the survey ever mentioned Obama Care. They just found a statistic that says doctors retire, wrote a whole long piece of reasons why doctors retire, and then tossed a random headline on top of it.

Basically this person spent the entire time writing something that you could have tossed any headline on and the content of the article wouldn’t have changed.




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