Host Committee Charges It’s Members To Thank Them

Host Committee Charges It’s Members To Thank Them

Host Committee

This is beyond hilarious and pretty sad.  Host Committee which is a startup that allows all your friends to be a promoter for a day, how it works is they reserve a block of time at a bar, and then you pay for access to the party and an open bar.  If enough of your friends sign up, then you are refunded the $25/$30/$35 that it cost you for a ticket, and if enough people register under your link then you get more free booze!

  • One-hour full open bar
   • Guaranteed entrance for you and friends to an exclusive venue.
   • Top-notch DJ
   • Photographer to capture every moment
   • The chance to meet like-minded, outgoing New Yorkers while also contributing to a great cause





But what makes this sad?

They seem to be throwing a ‘thank you/meet the members party’, great, but what’s this?

Buy your ticket today “? They are charging their members to come and meet them?

If you’re going to throw a party to meet the people and thank them.  The people who make your company successful.  Don’t charge them to do it. This is an example of startup greed at its finest.



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