Amazon doesn’t care your grandmother is dead, no gift card transfering

Recently my grandmother has passed and in the process of tiding up all her accounts and closing some of them I discovered that she had a partially used gift card tied to her Amazon account, it wasn’t for a massive amount of money but it was still money that could be spent.

So I reached out to Amazon in the hopes that it would be easy enough to just transfer that gift card to my Amazon account, I assumed it would be pretty easy since they are known for having great customer service.  I totally understand that there probably would have been restrictions if she was still living, but now that she has passed I can’t imagine they would basically just hold the money hostage like that.  Gift cards are supposed to be almost equal to having real money right?


After web chatting, calling in, and emailing, I’ve been told countless times that they can’t transfer the gift card balance.

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And what else have I learned from this? Judging by their emails being filled with lots of extra spaces, It seems their customer service is mostly outsourced and pre-filled out emails.