Ibotta: The Shopping Rewards App That Consumes the Consumer

Ibotta: The Shopping Rewards App That Consumes the Consumer



Ibotta makes a shady offer to users saying they can reward them with cash for shopping on items they buy on an ordinary day.

Sounds great at surface level but when one digs a little deeper all the lurking strings come in to play – and not in a nice way.

To even unlock the list of items users can get money for purchasing they has to complete a task. The user has to take a poll, play trivia or post on Facebook or watch a video ad.

This tactic is reminiscent of illegal video streaming websites where users have to do any of those aforementioned tasks only to be utterly disappointed when their video doesn’t load and their information is stolen and sold.

It gets worse.

Ibotta users only make $0.25 or $0.50 for each purchase. This is quite awful considering grocery stores are littered with these types of discounts or better deals.

Somehow, Ibotta has amassed 700,000 desperate shoppers. The sad part is that the average active user is only making $5 a month.

It won’t be long before people realize that they’re buying stuff they don’t need just to earn a few measly dollars. Or maybe not, you can ever discount the stupidity of humanity.



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  1. Tee
    August 25, 17:15

    FYI I earned $18.75 the first week using it and it was only on products I was buying anyways. The money has already been transferred to my paypal account. It is legit and if you like to save money then you are smart.

  2. blanch
    December 02, 23:43

    If you’re getting money from a business, answering a trivia question, or posting to Facebook doesn’t sound unreasonable. Also, you wrote,”you can ever discount the stupidity of humanity.” Are you leading by example?

  3. Amber matthews
    January 20, 19:19

    That redicoulous . You are redicoulous. I’ve made over $60 in less than 3 weeks ! Easy money on stuff I want to buy or would have bought anyway. I get it cheaper and sometimes next to nothing if I also have a coupon for an item & use savings catcher by walmart. Easy easy money. & I’ve got $5 off one item TODAY

  4. Sacinthecity
    July 06, 15:29

    I only shop for 1, sometimes 2, people, so that’s not a lot of groceries, but I enjoy saving money when I can! Oh, and I found a new shampoo thru Ibotta … when they gave a full refund on it (2 weeks in a row, no less!). It does seem like much of their rebate focus has turned to booze, and that’s not something we drink around here.

  5. Janna
    October 09, 12:13

    I’ve earned about $120 since I started using Ibotta. It’s not a scam lol. Nobody forces you to buy what you don’t want.

  6. michell
    November 17, 23:36

    well thats ridiculous. ive made over $50 in 3 months on stuff i was already going to buy. used the money to purchase giftcards for red lobster and have used the giftcards, with no problem. theres even some products that ibotta gives you back more on than the original price. like they had feminine pads $2.00 back. i paid $1.00 for the actual item itself. ive even gotten cash back on an item that i ended up returning because i later found that item cheaper somewhere else. theres no scam happening in this app.

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