The Not So ‘Smart Bracelet’

The Not So ‘Smart Bracelet’

The Natalia Project has come to market with a futuristic looking smart bracelet to protect Civil Rights Defenders in the field. The makers say their “new high-tech triggers an alarm when the wearer is in danger.”

The project aims to protect them from stealth attacks, which they cite as the greatest danger. Though the cause is noble, the invention is quite ineffective and ultimately will not prevent these attacks. In fact, it may incite more.

The makers say it protects civil defenders through “GPS (basic mapping) and GSM (mobile phone) technology work together as a personal alarm that sends information about the wearer when danger is imminent. These alerts don’t simply go to police and co-workers; they are posted on Facebook and Twitter, signaling the world of an attack within minutes.”

Hold up. They claimed they were going to prevent stealth attacks not just notify the world when it happens. This bracelet has no technology that can actually identify who the perpetrator of the attack was, so it’s tough to imagine there would be any deterrence value.

Oh, and it should be noted that each bracelet is very expensive. $11,000 expensive. Seems like they’re giving stealth attackers a little extra incentive to snipe those helpless civil defenders.



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