Automatic: The GPS/tracking app for your car that should get lost.

What’s more annoying than driving with your mother who scolds you for driving too quickly?

Paying for a robot woman on your ‘Automatic’ smart phone app you’re doing so.

Okay, so it does other things than correct your crappy driving habits – but is it worth it at the asking price of $69.95?

No. It is not.

Automatic uses an ‘Automatic Link’, a device that plugs into your car's data port to access the auto's onboard computer. Using that link, it gives you data on your car like: how fast you accelerate, your average speed and more. The makers tout that Automatic, will monitors users' habits to help save on gas and ensure a smooth ride for each trip.

Ensure a smooth ride for each trip? That sounds like a crazy overpromise, especially if the driver is going to be harassed for every driving error.

Automatic does have one redeeming feature – it allows you to find your parked car using a GPS tracker. Pretty neat, but is that enough functionality to justify a price tag of $69.95? Not a chance.

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