KICKSTARTER: Don’t Waste Your Money on OpenShot

KICKSTARTER: Don’t Waste Your Money on OpenShot

There’s a new project on KickStarter, I mean a new project for you to waste your money on. This project is one that aims to rid us of all the Adobe’s, Avid’s, and Apple’s of the world, and that’s OpenShot, they believe that they can expand on and port their new video editor to different OS’s for $20,000USD.

Why you ask? Because they believe, “that Windows and Mac also have a serious lack of quality open-source video editor options.”.

All modern OS’s already come bundled with pretty powerful video editors, and most digital video cameras already ship with pretty substantial video editors.  And for those that need more power, there are plenty of industry standard options that don’t rely on donations from the community.


This project seems like it will hit it’s goal of $20K USD, but sadly it’s not worth your donation, skip it.

Alternatives: Avid, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Premiere Elements, Final Cut Pro X, Lightworks

Source: KickStarter


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