SPAM: Ever hear of I haven’t either.

SPAM: Ever hear of I haven’t either.

An interesting email arrived in my inbox today, from apparently someone has “invited me” to join their linkedin competitor website.

Problem is that to even view more about the person who supposedly sent me the invite I have to register, convenient for them yes?

So I created a nice little spam email address to register through their invite, I was curious who this “Ki Kenzie” was, turns out, that person doesn’t actually exist, and after you join the site, the person is never added to your network.

Stay away from they are harvesting email addresses to spam your contacts to try and get users to join their non-existant social network.

The sad part is that according to their CrunchBase profile, they have received over 22.1M from investors. It sounds like they are starting to receive some heat from their investors for not delivering on their promised users so they are resorting to some scammy tactics.



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