Doggy Datez: Mark your Desperation.

Doggy Datez: Mark your Desperation.

Doggy Datez is a new social network iPhone app made to enrich the lives of dog owners. They push this app out into the world telling users they can use Doggy Datez to find new friends while they walk their dog.

The app lets you create a profile for yourself and your dog. Then you’re instructed to tag locations where you walk your dog in hopes that other dog walkers will take notice and stalk you during your walk!

Their tagline “Mark Your Territory” makes this whole tedious process that much more creepy. The kind of woman that would download this app has to be absolutely bat-shit crazy or really, really desperate. And since most women don’t fit that bill, I wouldn’t imagine there would be many female users on Doggy Datez.

So now you’ve got a bunch of dudes, who probably bought a dog specifically to pick up chicks ‘marking their territory’ on this app. These guys are also probably too shy to actually initiate conversation with a woman, despite having the cute dog advantage. It won’t be long before these dudes realize the Doggy Dating world isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

In a world where women want guys who have little-to-no social skills to stalk them through an app, Doggy Datez would be a moneymaker. In this world, Doggy Datez is a cowardly stalking app sold as a happy-go-lucky environment of dog owner camaraderie.


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