BandPage: A Platform for Poor Musicians

BandPage: A Platform for Poor Musicians

Remember every show ever when the stars got to hang out with their favorite band? Like how Monica Gellar got a Hootie hickey or the entire cast of Full House sang on stage with the Beach Boys? Well now that can be you on stage and signing in matching denim. And all it will take is a trip to BandPage and a portion of your trust fund. Users simply sign up, request, and then pay up. Unlike Monica, for us that hickey won’t come free.

Likely created by egotistical band members as a way to further spread the I’m-in-a-band mantra, BandPage offers anywhere from a day of bowling to front-row stage seats. And for the less ambitious fans, there’s unique or one-of-a-kind merchandise that can be purchased.

BandPage LogoBut what’s in it for BandPage? Sure they’re taking a cut (or just stealing web traffic), but didn’t the same platform already exist in Craigslist? Bands got bored or broke, and offered up some unique opportunities for their fans. Besides, the market for growth here is pretty slim; patrons will only buy for the bands they like best (probably few and far between, depending on the fees), and then there’s 90 percent of the population who has better things to put their money toward, like regular, contract-free bowling.


Nice try, BandPage, but I’d choose free, gaudy denim any day.

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